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Mink Blanket spotted at New Resort Hotel

Friends of my mine just stayed at the newest, hottest resort in Atlantic City.

Mink Blanket at swanky hotel
In the closet, they found a Berkshire Blanket “Mink Blanket with Satin Binding!”  It’s one our most luxuriously smooth blankets. Berkshire Hospitality, our branch that services the hospitality industry, is proud to be the supplier for these hot new properties.

The Jersey Shore just got whole lot classier. I get to say that, as a Jersey girl!

– Mei

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The Down Side of Spring

Spring is here and while I am more than ready for the warm weather, it is always bittersweet for me. The first reason for this apprehension is that I work at a blanket company so warm weather does not exactly do wonders for blanket sales. Granted, blankets and throws are used year round but Spring and Summer temperatures do not necessarily evoke strong desires to go and purchase these particular items!

My main reason for this post is on a more personal level, and is to admit that I am already experiencing fleece sheet withdrawal. I treat myself to a new set of Berkshire Blanket Microfleece Sheets almost year, around August or September, and put them on my bed as soon as we get the first chilly night in early fall. From that point on and throughout the long, cold Winter, I rotate between the sets that I have, never going a night without their comforting coziness.

This year, I kept them on until we had a spell of 80 degree weather in March –usually they stay on until at least mid April. If it was completely up to me they would stay on all year, and this would be entirely possible in an air conditioned home, but because mine isn’t, I have to go a very long 4 or 5 months without them. This is going to be problematic as it is only early May, and withdrawal has set in…

It’s nice to have something to look forward to when the weather turns colder, at least!

– Meghan

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