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Yellow and grey cross over from wedding cake to curtains

I am planning my wedding this year. As a bride, I am paying attention to color more than ever to find the perfect shade for my ceremony. I always think it is neat when trends cross over from one place to another, like when you find a curtain pattern on a cake! In addition to the use of bright pops of color in wedding decor, there are also some interesting color combinations that are showing up. Yellow and grey is becoming a very popular color choice for weddings.

At the same time, there is a resurgence of this color combination in home decor. This trend was evident at my recent visit to the Boston Design Center. Here is a picture from the event.

Yellow and Grey Display at Boston Design Center

While I am not opting for this palette myself – I am choosing browns, greens, and purples for more of a rustic theme since I am having a fall wedding – I think it is so fun to see these paths cross and I am interested to find out what’s next.

Check out my yellow and grey Pinterest board for some great picks on fabric, photo frames, and wedding dresses!


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Summer camping: s’mores, blankets, and love

Camping in the woods.
Oh, summertime! This is my favorite time of year. I love it when everything starts getting green and you can hear the peepers at night. It’s nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Going camping is our favorite thing to do as a family in the summer. This means it’s time to become one with nature without computers or TV, which is unheard of for our younger generation.  It’s all about good old family time.

My two boys, 11- and 12-years old, love to pack up all their gear and hit the road. Of course we always bring more than we need – you’d think we were moving there! One thing that we do not compromise on is our Berkshire Blanket Microfleece Sheets and our fuzzy bunny blankets. We would not camp without them because they are perfect for those cool nights. After we have eaten our s’mores and our fire is dim, we crawl into our soft, comforting sheets and cover up with our fuzzy bunny blankets. They are as soft as a bunny, hence our nickname for them! My boys describe them as a sea of softness that you never want to get out of. They have just the right amount of warmth to keep you warm and they do not make you sweat.

Our friends used to make fun of us for the sheets and blankets we brought, as they did not see them as “rugged camping bedding.”  That was until the day their daughter crawled into our tent and would not get out of the bed. She rolled herself up in the blanket and said, “Mommy, it’s so soft; I want to stay here forever!”

Since that day, all of our camping companions, young and old, camp with their Microfleece Sheets and the Berkshire Blanket of their choosing. We all love the blankets so much we don’t want to keep them to ourselves. We want the whole world to have the same wonderful experience when they go to bed at night wherever they may be.

                            -Holly, aka fuzzy bunny lover

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