Now trending: the picnic wedding

Couple on blanket

Photo from Wedding Photography Design

We’ve noticed a fun new trend in wedding décor – the picnic wedding! Countryside weddings are more popular than ever, and for those brides who want to be especially close to the beauty of nature, they are opting to lay out blankets for their guests to sit on for the ceremony. The day transitions from ceremony to reception by the simple, well-timed uncorking of a wine bottle and opening of the picnic basket.

Plaid blankets are the country couture.  They’ve been draped over haystacks, cuddled by couples in engagement photos, and worn by chilly bridesmaids in rain boots. They are truly classics and photograph well. If plaid’s not your thing, creamy neutrals and handmade quilts are also delicate choices.

That’s not all. To make a picnic wedding complete, you need a lush pillow for each guest to sit or lounge on (matching of course)! These are fantastic because they can be monogrammed and given as wedding favors. The blanket itself can even be raffled off to a lucky guest at the “table” just as you would do for a centerpiece.

To create the majestic atmosphere you’re looking for, you can add small touches that go a long way. Imagine as your guests walk in, colorful fabric bunting is draped to say “welcome.” There is a Mr. & Mrs. chalkboard sign propped up against a haystack. Flowers in old watering cans pop up around the field. As you look up, your breath is taken away by lanterns and old family photos hanging from the trees. You feel transported into another time and place as you admire the antique chairs and luggage that serve as accent pieces. With a ballroom, you know what you’re getting, but with a picnic wedding, the experience can be just as fantastical as you dream up.

Southern Wedding

From Ashley Daniell on Every Last Detail blog

Engagement photos are the most memorable when they reflect the theme of your wedding. Photos of you and your beau laying side by side on a blanket in the grass or cuddling by the ocean with a blanket wrapped around you are so romantic. They suggest an intimacy that other engagement photos just don’t have. wrote this about their featured Glam Picnic wedding: “What’s not to love about picnics? The heirloom quilts, the classic gingham, the home-made treats, the wine {which is always in abundance at my kind of picnics (o; }, the cloud-watching … it’s all so idyllic. Even the standard picnic basket emits a huge amount of cheer. So why not translate those happy feelings into a wedding? We’ve seen the theme carried out in e-shoots time and time again and it works like a charm each time … I’m loving the idea of little quilts spread about a lawn standing in for tables and loads and loads of cozy pillows standing in for the chairs … maybe a spontaneous game of croquet could come about after the cake cutting?”

…quite lovely. You know where to find the highest quality and comfortable blankets for your wedding needs. Start with our Plaid or Houndstooth Luxury Throws and pepper your big day with Serasoft throws or blankets in your wedding theme colors! Your guests will forever recall your romantic moment.

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4 thoughts on “Now trending: the picnic wedding

  1. I hosted a picnic wedding at my bush lodge once, although I’m sure our blankets weren’t half as good

  2. This is sooooooo cute : D will definitely have to bookmark this in my wedding inspiration folder for some day in the future!

  3. What a great idea! Very fun, affordable and different. This could work for a lot of couples.

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