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Sneak Peek at the Confetti Throw

Picture of confetti throw on chair

We are pleased to introduce the Confetti Throw in Paris during Maison&Objet this September. Maison is the Euro equivalent of the Home Textiles Market Week held in NYC every fall. Maison and Home Fashion Market Week are trade shows that will target professionals from the field of home fashion and design. The show will be attracting trade visitors from across the world. The shows are not open to the general public. They serve as a unique opportunity for buyers and suppliers to meet and discuss existing business and establish foundations for new projects/programs.

The Confetti Throw is a beautifully constructed chunky knit.  It brings a sprinkle of color to any room and is a cozy, soft throw to snuggle up under.  It’s decorative and functional…you really can have both form and fashion!

I hope this throw makes a SPLASH in Paris!


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When you can’t paint the walls, how to color your apartment


Bed pillows

My best friend has three daughters. Her oldest 19-year-old daughter recently moved into her first apartment. It can be both scary and exciting for various reasons…but a new place means it’s time to decorate!
I have two boys of my own (and no girls!), so any time there is an opportunity to help out any of the girls with shopping, I am completely available. She needed some help adding color because the walls and the floors were really boring, and unfortunately in an apartment she’s stuck with choices someone else made. I offered to help decorate the place with some new bedding ideas… and of course we can’t forget throws and pillows for the living room.

Her daughter is very girly, so she chose a pink and purple palette balanced with some neutrals. For her bedroom we chose a solid chocolate Sablesoft comforter. Chocolate is a great color for her since she has cats, and the fur will not be so noticeable. We dressed it up with different textured pillows. One is the  Fashion Fuzzy Pillow in a lipstick pink. What a great color! We added four other pillows in different sizes to give the bed a more interesting look.

The living room was just as fun to decorate. Because it’s an apartment she couldn’t re-paint the walls to suit her style, but adding pillows and throws gave the room a needed pop of fresh color. We took a neutral room that had cream walls and linen colored couch and brought it to life. She is very excited, and now it feels like a home.


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E-reader makes reading special


With kids getting ready to go back to school, I wanted to share an idea for teachers or parents out there. Last year, at the end of the school year my sister took our new Cuddly Creature E-Reader to her 1st grade classroom. Students were able to use the e-reader to read their books in exchange for good behavior. It was a big hit with the kids and she plans to take it back this year… if she can pry it away from her kids at home!


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Waxing on inspiration


Berkshire Blanket is constantly scouring all corners of the world for great new fabrics and ideas. You never know where patterns or color inspiration can come from. During our travels, we also get to experience some pretty interesting foods. We were introduced to wax berries this last trip to Asia. The fruit is a cross between a raspberry and a plum…with an incredible deep color and subtle tangy flavor. Did we find our next Serasoft color?


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A blanket for mom’s “me time”

I recently went to Cape Cod for my yearly family vacation. We look forward this trip every year; it’s very relaxing for all of us. I could not believe how quickly the week went by. I am a complete beach person. My favorite place to be is on the beach where I can feel the ocean breeze on my face.  My dream would be to have a small cottage somewhere on the waterfront. I don’t know what it is about the ocean… I just find it very relaxing. The sound of the waves is so comforting.

I love to find a nice place on the beach to curl up with my VelvetLoft plush blanket and my book at sunset. My VelvetLoft blanket is one of the softest blankets I have. It’s smooth like butter, and it completes the whole experience.  No one else can use this blanket! It is one of those small things that I like to keep for myself as a mom.  Once you have kids there really isn’t anything that’s just yours anymore. We moms can still try. The kids try to steal it all the time, so the solution was to get them their own.  Now we all have one to enjoy, and boy, do we enjoy them!


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What an amazing art installment!

Rosemary's Blog

I took advantage of a free-admission day on Saturday and traveled by bus to the Tacoma Art Museum to see Marie Watt’s exhibit about blankets and stories.  She elevates ordinary, everyday blankets to the level of art.  Two of the most intriguing pieces were simply stacks of used and donated blankets.  For the installation, Dwelling, donors wrote stories about their blankets on tags.  Among the most poignant tales was Peter Kubicek’s — he donated his blanket from a Nazi concentration camp.

Blankets can be pregnant with meaning — think of security blankets, kids forts, warmth and comfort, picnics . . .  Blankets can hide things and cover flaws and ugliness — think of blankets of snow or fog.

Here are some more photos:






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We loved this post about how blankets make you feel safe when you sleep.

Chat to Nobody

It’s strange, the things that make us feel safe.

I know that, for me at least, the time when I most want to feel safe is when I’m lying in bed before going to sleep. When we were kids, it was obvious that we needed protection from the monsters under the bed, but even as I progress through my twenty-second year of existence I can’t help but feel a little vulnerable lying in bed awaiting unconsciousness. I take it to an unnaturally paranoid level, thinking that for the next several hours I will be unaware of what’s happening around me, paralyzed by sleep, and defenseless against the night.  You might say I like to remain in control of situations whenever possible.

But of course I tell myself every morning when I wake, “that wasn’t so bad” and sometimes even “actually, I could use a little more of that.” I’m sure…

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How to reuse your bedding bags


Photo from Real Simple Magazine.

When I go shopping for bedding items, I am always amazed at the vast amount of products that are available. There are sheets, comforters, quilts, and pillows of every size and shape. Most of these items (excluding pillows) come in these beautifully packaged plastic bags.

My first goal in shopping is of course to get the item that represents quality and is sold at a fair price. After I have carefully selected my item walk to the checkout line with a spring in my step, I think: how can I reuse this bag?

I am a conscientious consumer that does try to do something “green” to help the environment. By reusing this bag, I am helping reduce waste and make my house more organized. I love dual purpose items – don’t you?

The bag will either house my child’s crafting items from pencils, markers, construction paper, glitter, glue, etc. Or it will be used to keep her winter shoes in since now it’s time to break out the sandals and flip flops. Or even better…it can hold all my precious 1980’s vinyl records!

The packaging bag has a variety of potential uses for me and my family. Remember to reuse and recycle.


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#ilovecuddly Twitter Contest Rules

Hey…did you hear? We’re having a Twitter contest! We are giving away 5 Cuddly Buddies® Throws to winners selected at random who have followed and retweeted @BerkBlanket using hashtag #ilovecuddy!

Cuddly Buddies Group on Couch

Here’s the official rules.

-You must retweet a message with hashtag #ilovecuddly AND be a follower of @BerkBlanket within the time period of 7am EST August 3 to midnight EST August 3 to enter.

-Anyone found to use multiple accounts to enter will be ineligible.

-Multiple entries in a single day will not be accepted.

-Five Twitter users will be chosen at random as winners.

-You must be a resident of the continental United States to qualify.

-Winners will be announced on Monday, August 6.

-The prize is one of our Cuddly Buddies Throws. Each winner will be sent a character that is randomly chosen. Characters do not necessarily reflect any photos posted to promote the contest. Prizes will be decided based on availability and may be substituted.

-In order to receive their prize, winners must reply to a Direct Message on Twitter from @BerkBlanket and supply their name and address.

-Don’t sue us even if you don’t win.

Blanket lovers, tweet now for your chance to win! 


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