We loved this post about how blankets make you feel safe when you sleep.

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It’s strange, the things that make us feel safe.

I know that, for me at least, the time when I most want to feel safe is when I’m lying in bed before going to sleep. When we were kids, it was obvious that we needed protection from the monsters under the bed, but even as I progress through my twenty-second year of existence I can’t help but feel a little vulnerable lying in bed awaiting unconsciousness. I take it to an unnaturally paranoid level, thinking that for the next several hours I will be unaware of what’s happening around me, paralyzed by sleep, and defenseless against the night.  You might say I like to remain in control of situations whenever possible.

But of course I tell myself every morning when I wake, “that wasn’t so bad” and sometimes even “actually, I could use a little more of that.” I’m sure…

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