When you can’t paint the walls, how to color your apartment


Bed pillows

My best friend has three daughters. Her oldest 19-year-old daughter recently moved into her first apartment. It can be both scary and exciting for various reasons…but a new place means it’s time to decorate!
I have two boys of my own (and no girls!), so any time there is an opportunity to help out any of the girls with shopping, I am completely available. She needed some help adding color because the walls and the floors were really boring, and unfortunately in an apartment she’s stuck with choices someone else made. I offered to help decorate the place with some new bedding ideas… and of course we can’t forget throws and pillows for the living room.

Her daughter is very girly, so she chose a pink and purple palette balanced with some neutrals. For her bedroom we chose a solid chocolate Sablesoft comforter. Chocolate is a great color for her since she has cats, and the fur will not be so noticeable. We dressed it up with different textured pillows. One is the  Fashion Fuzzy Pillow in a lipstick pink. What a great color! We added four other pillows in different sizes to give the bed a more interesting look.

The living room was just as fun to decorate. Because it’s an apartment she couldn’t re-paint the walls to suit her style, but adding pillows and throws gave the room a needed pop of fresh color. We took a neutral room that had cream walls and linen colored couch and brought it to life. She is very excited, and now it feels like a home.


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