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The Colors of China


The excitement of my trips to China never dulls. I’m always fascinated by learning or experiencing something new: discovering new techniques for product, learning about a new region, or  trying a new dish. The meals in China consist of many dishes served on large lazy susans for all to share.

Some are so delicious that I just close my eyes for a brief moment to let the taste linger in my mouth while creating a memory, knowing I will never be able to duplicate or experience the flavor back home.

Others are so wildly unknown to my palette that I can’t determine what the food or spices are. Out comes the smart phone translator with the help of my Chinese coworkers to determine if there is something remotely familiar that I can identity with. Sometimes the smart phone is smart… sometimes not smart at all.

What always gets me first is the sight of the dishes with their inspiring colors. The bright, fiery red-orange of just boiled craw-fish, greens of local seasonal vegetables, saturated berry-reds of exotic fruit, and pale cool translucent white of the lychee. The food and dishes naturally create  a beautiful palette to reference for new prints and solids.

China is so filled with color that I can’t wait for my next flight back! How does traveling inspire you?


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NYC Showroom

Earlier this month, we enjoyed a successful Market Week at our showroom in New York City. We’re very proud to feature our products in such a beautiful space. Here are a few photos for you to check out!

NYC Showroom

The front area when you walk in.

NYC Showroom 2

Our Living in Color display.

NYC Showroom 3

One of our feature beds!

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Cats love blankets, too

Cats cuddling on blanket

How adorable are these kitties? Meow!

Since the day I picked up my two new kittens, they have been big fans of Berkshire Blanket fabric. I picked them up when they were 8 weeks old and we had a one-hour drive back home ahead of us. I knew I had to make their ride comfortable — and I had just the solution! Our in-house seamstress sewed two matching cozy Shearling blankets for them. I knew these were a hit when the kitties slept for the entire trip!

At home they have new favorites like the Shimmersoft throw in the photo above…I have a feeling that they are going to be hooked on fuzzy blankets for life.

Do your pets love their blankets? Share your photos!


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Fall Menswear Trend

Bedding set

What could be more comfy than having your favorite chunky knit sweater in bed blanket size? Coming soon to Berkshire Blanket!

Hounds tooth, herringbone, and plaids, oh my! Tweeds and menswear patterns are the hottest new trend for this fall. This trend is a personal favorite. I love to see classic styles get refreshed with updated colors…take an old plaid skirt and back it with velvet to make a great classic pillow, or convert an old colorful chunky sweater and add a new tweed backing. These will become your favorite accent pieces!

Plaid Pillow

A preppy plaid pillow from High Street Market.

Houndstooth pattern

Houndstooth doesn’t always have to be black and white! Check out this brown version by Berkshire Blanket.

Crafters, what projects are you working on this fall? Have you used any of these patterns in your DIY projects? We’d love to see pictures!


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What a great post about organizing your linens! Wanted to share!

Get Organized. Get Simple.

My last blog entry was on laundry, it does seem most people struggle to keep up and get it done.  Lately, it has been linens that I have been helping clients with.  Do towels reproduce?  How do we end up with 30 pillowcases?

Like anything else; towels, sheets and blankets must be gone through, culled and maintained.  This doesn’t have to be a yearly thing unless you are a sheet hoarder.  Most of us every 2-3 years get some new towels, sheets or both depending on need or a good sale or a change up in décor.

The best solution is to let the old ones go as soon as the new ones come in.  You would never have to do a major go through if this is the case.  But, if that isn’t being done, going through and taking out the ratty or old ones has to be done.

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Cool nights, cozy throws


Although our summer is coming to a close and cool nights are upon us, you can continue to enjoy your evenings outdoors.

Take a cozy throw out on your porch or hammock and relax. You’ll feel just right even with a breeze.

Many of our throws are oversized, so sharing is easy.  Snuggle up with a book, pet, or a loved one.

Enjoy all the seasons indoors and out!


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Cuddly Buddies® Sighting!


You are never too old to take your Cuddly Buddies® Throw on the go!

I spotted this frog throw in the Chicago airport…clearly the perfect choice to take on the plane for a cozy travel experience!

What do you bring on a long flight to keep comfortable?


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Redecorating for a kid who’s 12, going on 20

Redecorating boys' room

A complete bed set from Berkshire Blanket! Love the sports theme.

It’s back to school time. I can’t believe how quickly the summer’s gone by. It’s time to go shopping and argue with our children about what they want and what they will actually be getting.  It’s quite the learning experience for me; I am very quickly brought up to speed about what’s hot and what’s not.

My oldest son will be going to Junior High this year. I know this is a milestone in my son’s life, but I feel like it’s one for me as well. Even though he is only 12 years old, he acts like he is ready to move into his first apartment already. Which brings me to my next dilemma: he wants to redesign his room. I feel like we just finished painting Buzz Lightyear on the walls. He wants something more mature, as he says, “I’m not a baby anymore, mom.”

Of course I can’t say no, so I started to search for ideas. I found some really great ideas online; I think if I created some sort of sitting area it would make a big difference to him. He has his bed and desk, so maybe I’ll just add a futon or plush bench area. I can completely dress up the area with some new pillows and throws. Color is the key… this is where I can make something old look new just by adding some pillows and throws in the area. Berkshire Blanket has some incredible fuzzy toss pillows and neck rolls. They are super soft and they come in great colors, nothing too crazy, as he may be “too mature” for that. They also come in throws, the same great fabrication. He’s going to love this!


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