Redecorating for a kid who’s 12, going on 20

Redecorating boys' room

A complete bed set from Berkshire Blanket! Love the sports theme.

It’s back to school time. I can’t believe how quickly the summer’s gone by. It’s time to go shopping and argue with our children about what they want and what they will actually be getting.  It’s quite the learning experience for me; I am very quickly brought up to speed about what’s hot and what’s not.

My oldest son will be going to Junior High this year. I know this is a milestone in my son’s life, but I feel like it’s one for me as well. Even though he is only 12 years old, he acts like he is ready to move into his first apartment already. Which brings me to my next dilemma: he wants to redesign his room. I feel like we just finished painting Buzz Lightyear on the walls. He wants something more mature, as he says, “I’m not a baby anymore, mom.”

Of course I can’t say no, so I started to search for ideas. I found some really great ideas online; I think if I created some sort of sitting area it would make a big difference to him. He has his bed and desk, so maybe I’ll just add a futon or plush bench area. I can completely dress up the area with some new pillows and throws. Color is the key… this is where I can make something old look new just by adding some pillows and throws in the area. Berkshire Blanket has some incredible fuzzy toss pillows and neck rolls. They are super soft and they come in great colors, nothing too crazy, as he may be “too mature” for that. They also come in throws, the same great fabrication. He’s going to love this!


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