The Colors of China


The excitement of my trips to China never dulls. I’m always fascinated by learning or experiencing something new: discovering new techniques for product, learning about a new region, or  trying a new dish. The meals in China consist of many dishes served on large lazy susans for all to share.

Some are so delicious that I just close my eyes for a brief moment to let the taste linger in my mouth while creating a memory, knowing I will never be able to duplicate or experience the flavor back home.

Others are so wildly unknown to my palette that I can’t determine what the food or spices are. Out comes the smart phone translator with the help of my Chinese coworkers to determine if there is something remotely familiar that I can identity with. Sometimes the smart phone is smart… sometimes not smart at all.

What always gets me first is the sight of the dishes with their inspiring colors. The bright, fiery red-orange of just boiled craw-fish, greens of local seasonal vegetables, saturated berry-reds of exotic fruit, and pale cool translucent white of the lychee. The food and dishes naturally create  a beautiful palette to reference for new prints and solids.

China is so filled with color that I can’t wait for my next flight back! How does traveling inspire you?


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