Teacups of Yixing: Colors of China Part 2

teacup 1

Within China there are towns and regions that boast “the best of.” The best long-life noodles, powder white fluffy buns, or teapots. On my trip I happened to visit Yixing, which is known for its famous teapots!

The soil is rare and can only be found in that particular area. Combine the soil quality with the generations of potters that artfully create these teapots, you get an everyday useful household item that is a true work of art to be admired and used for generations.

The’ colors of the teapots range from a plain, matte red earthen ware to deep chocolate-brown with a light dewy gloss, or full color with an artistic picture. And some have one meaningful image skillfully painted in gold. They are micro in size for a small personal cup or very large to enjoy a steaming pot in the afternoon with friends.

teacup 2

The ritual of making tea is an art in itself. The plants are grown in the correct climate under the watchful eye of the farmer, who knowingly harvests the plants at the precise time. He is proud of his leaves, for he knows that the leaves and a knowledgable brewer will create the perfect pot of tea. The leaves need to steep at a certain temperature and time to create the perfect cup.

A perfect and timeless gift from China is a bag of tea leaves. I am currently loving jasmine pearl tea and a beautiful crafted teapot. I know it will be a gift my mother will enjoy and think of me every time she sips the warm perfumed tea out of her new teapot from Yixing.


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One thought on “Teacups of Yixing: Colors of China Part 2

  1. Donna Yost

    There is something very special about Chinese Tea that is more comforting then other countries. It always seems to be perfectly blended and comforting. That is the only way I can express it. People that are not tea fans even seem to enjoy it

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