Halloween Costumes Just Got More Cuddly

Cow Cuddly Buddies Throw

During the fall season there are many holidays I adore. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  But before we get to that holiday there is another holiday I also adore;  all hallows eve.  We know it more familiarly as Halloween, the night of trick or treating.  Each year my daughter, Del, and I plan months in advance which character, movie star, or creature she will be.

Till now, my favorite character that Del has been is the demented veterinarian.  Now… this was no easy costume to put together.  Locating a lab coat and finding the appropriate stuffed animals to sew on to the coat along with the fake stethoscope took months to locate.  It was quite the undertaking, but I loved every minute of the collaboration with my daughter.  What I did not like was the stress of trying to find the right items to create the perfect costume.

Last year we planned on going dressed up as Lady Gaga. We did the usual pre-planning and had the costume all ready to go, including the face mask, make-up,  and wig.  We were going to be STYLING!  Sadly, we did not get to go out as Lady Gaga.  If you remember last year in Massachusetts we had a horrible snow storm right before the holiday.  The weather was unseasonably cold and SNOWY. The town we live in decided to delay Trick Or Treating by one week.   Even then, the sidewalks were not cleared and there was ice and snow everywhere the children had to walk.

Del decided to use her Cuddly Buddies® Cow as her costume. The Cow allowed my daughters face to be unobstructed so she could watch her step carefully… and best of all the plush fabric kept her warm!

Del received a lot of compliments on her costume.  She looked great — she was warm, and best of all, she got LOTS OF CANDY!

Check out our website to browse Cuddly Buddies for your child’s costume this year! Choose from a dragon, unicorn, kitten, puppy, duck, monster, monkey, frog, ladybug, or koala!


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