A Day at the Pumpkin Farm

Lace pumpkin

Printed lace pumpkin. Found on Pinterest.

The smell of fall was in the air this past weekend, and the pumpkin farm was calling my name! I jumped in the car and went on my usual fall hunt for the most unusual and quirky pumpkins I could find to decorate my new apartment.  In the past, once I have claimed my pumpkins, my excitement has overwhelmed me and I immediately started carving them. They never end up lasting until Halloween.

After spending much too long hunting for my pumpkins in all shapes, sizes, and yes …colors, I decided to research new and exciting ways to decorate my pumpkins. Take a look at the following photos I gathered as inspiration to decorate my pumpkins in a non-traditional way! Stay tuned for photos of the techniques I choose to decorate my own pumpkins.  Do you have any special technique/creative ways to decorate pumpkins that you could share?


Pumpkins with plastic vampire teeth!

Pumpkins with plastic vampire teeth! From Pinterest.

Candy Corn painted pumpkins

Candy Corn painted pumpkins, how cute! From Pinterest.

Lace covered Pumpkin.

Lace covered Pumpkin for a very gothic feel. From Pinterest.


Silhouette Painted pumpkin

Silhouette Painted pumpkin with added tassel trim. This one is my favorite! From Pinterest.


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