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Color Watch: Oh, Dahlia

dahlia flower

It’s easy to see how this reddish-orange hue is so likable. This gorgeous dahlia perfectly demonstrates what to pair with it. From deep lush green to cheerful yellow, and even a touch of grey… it’s a wonderful transition color. And what a great way to bring the those beautiful colors from the outdoors inside! We’re going to need all help we can get to keep warm and cozy this winter…


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Blankets Keep Guests Warm at Meghan’s Fall Wedding


wedding photo

Having been born and raised in New England, I knew I wanted to get married in the Fall. All of the beautiful colors, smells, food, and activities make this my favorite season by far. I knew it would also be a great setting for wedding photos. Now the only question was whether to do an outdoor ceremony and enjoy the scenery but risk the weather, or play it safe inside. I decided to take a chance and have the ceremony outdoors and the reception in cozy renovated barn.

blankets for guests


After we decided to move forward with the outdoor ceremony I knew I had to prepare and stock up on cozy throws that went with my rustic elegance theme and color pallet. The day came and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny October day, but boy was it chilly! We put out a basket of the throws for the guests to chose from on their way to their seats, and at just above 50 degrees every single throw was put to use!

guests at the ceremony with blanket

The throws allowed me to have the best of both worlds. I could have my dream outdoor celebration and still keep my guests warm and comfortable. The hot cider we served during the ceremony didn’t hurt either!

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Travel notes: Hey Cupcake!


White cupcake with vanilla frosting…carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting…and the list goes on and on. I love them all.

Every new town brings me a new opportunity to explore new flavor combinations.  The cake is yummy, but the frosting is still the best.  I start from the bottom of the cupcake and work my way to the top, leaving the frosting for last. Not to be bossy, but I am convinced this is the only way to eat a cupcake.

While in Austin, Texas last week I came upon a true cupcake lover’s dream mobile — the Hey Cupcake trailer. Look at my smile in the picture… need I say more? My recommendation is the Red Velvet cupcake because it is the best I ever had!


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Berkshire Blanket Spotted on Screen!

Berkshire Blanket throw appears on Big Bang Theory.

SPOTTED! Berkshire Blanket throw in Venice Floral on The Big Bang Theory!

So here I am watching My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, and what do I see…? A Berkshire Blanket Serasoft Throw! What a surprise it was to see one of the products I work with daily on a TV show. The Cocoa Coral Printed Throw was being used as a floor cover for the girls to sit on and assemble wedding favors. It made for a pretty cozy seat and looked great on screen.

That’s not the only place I spotted a Berkshire Blanket. Our Serasoft Throw also made a cameo in the movie Black Swan. The best thrill in the film for me was seeing the Dot Throw at the end of Nina’s bed. I feel like now we can say Berkshire Blanket made it to Hollywood!

Our friend the Serasoft Throw is becoming a bit of an A-lister. Another day I was sitting on the couch with my daughter, watching Hannah Montana reruns. It was a cold night so we were snuggled under one of our Berkshire throws (it’s big enough for two). This was the episode where Hannah’s friend was sleeping over to watch movies, and they, too, were snuggling under…can you believe it…a printed Serasoft Throw! My daughter and I did a double-take and started giggling. You mean we have the same taste as Miley Cyrus? We were grinning ear to ear!

Go watch your favorite show and, who knows, you might see a cozy throw soon!


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Color Watch: Merlot Purple in Wine Country


wine grapes

From lavender to the deepest shade of a Merlot grape…the wonderful shades of purple is a color we will be keeping our eye on. Here in the Napa Valley Wine Country, it’s hard ignore the wild abundance of fresh lavender and rich colors of clustered globe jewels of the harvest.


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