Blankets Keep Guests Warm at Meghan’s Fall Wedding


wedding photo

Having been born and raised in New England, I knew I wanted to get married in the Fall. All of the beautiful colors, smells, food, and activities make this my favorite season by far. I knew it would also be a great setting for wedding photos. Now the only question was whether to do an outdoor ceremony and enjoy the scenery but risk the weather, or play it safe inside. I decided to take a chance and have the ceremony outdoors and the reception in cozy renovated barn.

blankets for guests


After we decided to move forward with the outdoor ceremony I knew I had to prepare and stock up on cozy throws that went with my rustic elegance theme and color pallet. The day came and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny October day, but boy was it chilly! We put out a basket of the throws for the guests to chose from on their way to their seats, and at just above 50 degrees every single throw was put to use!

guests at the ceremony with blanket

The throws allowed me to have the best of both worlds. I could have my dream outdoor celebration and still keep my guests warm and comfortable. The hot cider we served during the ceremony didn’t hurt either!

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