Creative Ways to Store Your Blankets

How to store blankets collage

All ideas from Pinterest.

“I’m running out of room!”

I have found out pretty quickly here that you can never have too many blankets! I have already accumulated a few favorites and I am sure I’m not done. Where am I keeping them all you ask? I have a few hiding spots; my bedroom, my car and even have one for my desk. I’m running out of space!!! As the colder weather is approaching (and for some of us Mother Nature has already shown us a preview of what we might be in for this winter), many people are pulling out their heavier sheets and their warm blankets to get cozy with. I have been catching myself relaxing with a few blankets at once.

Nowadays there are many storage options for those who need something quick to pick up at a store or a DIY weekend project. I’ve looked online and found some neat ideas…some I didn’t even think of!!! Some are great and work as a piece of art. Others are like hidden passages to comfy! There are too many options to decide what I want to do. I love them all, but there is only so little room I have!

Where are you pulling your stored blankets from? Is it in a trunk that is at the end of your bed, in the coffee table, the window bench?  Or is it displayed on the back of the couch for easy access?

Take a look at some ideas I came upon! I would love to hear what thoughts you have!


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2 thoughts on “Creative Ways to Store Your Blankets

  1. I love the rising bed and stair case ones. So clever!

  2. Really creative ideas! I seem to accumulate a ton of blankets, but don’t like them to be disorganized or strewn all over the place when not in use. I also don’t want to hide them in a closet either. My favorite idea is re-purposing a ladder and folding them nicely over it to display them in the living room. It’s like a magazine rack for blankets!

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