Holiday Gift Swapping


Every year around the holidays, people rush out to the stores to buy gifts for their friends and family.  This can be very time consuming and expensive if you have a lot of people to buy for.  Holiday gift swaps can be a great way to cut down on the spending and increase the excitement at your holiday gathering.  Check out some of my favorite gift swap ideas, and maybe one of them will become your new holiday tradition!

Pick-a-Name Gift Swap:

This is a great, simple gift swap idea that will cut down on the amount of gifts each person needs to buy.  Instead of buying a gift for each person at your holiday gathering, have everyone pick a name out of a hat.  Then each person only has one gift to buy.

Secret Santa:

This can be done in a couple different ways.  It can be similar to the Pick-a-Name Swap (just be extra secretive!), or it can be a series of smaller gifts over time.  As an office gift swap idea, everyone can pick a name and hang a stocking near their desk.  Each day, your “Santa” can put small, fun gifts in your stocking.  Candy, stationary, gift cards, or even handmade gifts are perfect for this!  At the end, everyone tries to guess who their “Santa” is.

White Elephant Gift Swap:

For this gift exchange game, the more participants the better.  Everyone comes with one wrapped gift.  Most of the time, the gifts are unusual, useless gifts, or even items that you find around your house!  White Elephant parties are usually for entertainment, not for valuable gift giving.  Once all the wrapped gifts are in a pile, the first person chooses one and opens their gift.  The next person has the choice of either “stealing” another person’s unwrapped gift, or opening a wrapped gift.  If your present is taken, you get the same option of taking an opened gift or unwrapping a new one.  This is a great party idea for a group of people with a sense of humor. You’d be surprised by the crazy gifts some people will open!

Homemade Gifts:

Instead of buying gifts this year, try challenging everyone at your party to give homemade gifts.  Whether it’s homemade cookies or candy, knit scarves, holiday ornaments, or hand painted decorations, this is a great gift swap idea to see how creative your friends and family are!

Do you include a gift swap at your holiday gathering?  What are your favorite ideas?


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