A White Christmas…Tree

Photo by blogger: the functional space

Photo by blogger: the functional space

Everyone has traditions when it comes to big holidays. Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, you will always find people who stick with the traditional or are really creative. Every home you drive by is unique and expresses the distinct taste of the family who lives there.

Jenna's tree.

My Christmas Tree!

For those who celebrate Christmas, the big excitement is picking out the perfect tree and decorating it. Some homes bring in a fresh cut tree that fills the whole house with the aroma of evergreen. Others put up an artificial tree which is always in perfect form. I grew up  fighting with my sisters over which tree we were going to bring home from the lot. We always thought the one tree we picked out would be the winner. When the tree was securely in the tree holder, the pine branches had fallen into place. and the string of lights were on, it was time to decorate!  We’ve had color lights with homemade ornaments mixed in with ornaments purchased from family vacations. We’ve also had white lights, family ornaments and Poinsettia’s scattered all over the tree. For the past two years we have switched over to a white artificial tree. At first I was a little bit weary but once it is decorated and the lights are turned on you forget the color of the tree and instantaneously get the feeling that the season of Christmas has come.

Get a small tree for your desk, like my co-worker, Jen!

Get a small tree for your desk, like my co-worker, Jen!

The white Christmas tree has come into fashion over the past few years. Many say that it is like a white canvas and you can decorate it any which way. Each year it can have a new theme and you can spread the theme throughout the entire house (…or even the yard)!  White lights make the tree brighter and sticks out to gawkers outside your home. You can make it as traditional as you wish or spice it up a little. Try colored lights and you have oodles of options!

The decoration of our Christmas tree has evolved over the years, but the feeling of Christmas hasn’t changed. Check out my photo!  How do you dress up your tree?


Themed Tree: turn it into a character!

Themed Tree: turn it into a character!

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One thought on “A White Christmas…Tree

  1. Kayla

    I have a white Christmas tree!! we put all different kinds of ornaments on the tree, but they have to be all Red!!

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