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Super Bowl party on a budget

1, 2, 3 …. hut hut hike!

Are you a big football fan? Is your favorite team playing in the Super Bowl? Whether or not you are a big fan or if your favorite team is playing the Super Bowl, it is another great excuse to get everyone together. Now the big question is how are you going to get everything together?! There’s the decorations, food, games, etc. How are you going to do it on a budget?

Superbowl decorations

When it comes to the decorations keep it simple. A few days before game day and if you have little ones have them make paper chains out of brown construction paper to look like footballs or just the colors of your favorite team. You can find things around the house that you can quickly turn into a football theme. For instance, wash out two soup cans, wrap with brown construction paper or a paper bag and take a white marker or whiteout to create the stitching on a football. You can use these football cans to hold utensils at the buffet table.

No matter if you watch a lot of football or not – everyone loves the food that is associated with football. Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, wings, finger sandwiches, dips, chips, sodas, beer; the list goes on and on! When you are hosting ask your guests to bring their favorite dish (just make sure that people are not bringing duplicate dishes). This way everyone gets to have something delicious and you are not stuck doing all of the preparation that comes with it.

Superbowl party

For a game to keep the little ones entertained before kickoff, have the kids make a football out of paper and have an adult create the outline of a field goal out of paper on a wall. When the kids are done blindfold them, spin them around and see if anyone can get a field goal. Adults – you can play this game too! Another game you can offer is football bingo. There are two ways you can play this game. You can call out the football terms or you mark off the terms when a commentator says it (this one is my favorite). Any age can play this game which makes it easy for adults to play along with the kids. At the end of each quarter you can tally up the terms and see who heard the most terms.

…And don’t forget to get your team’s color in a blanket to keep you nice and warm!

What are your plans for Super Bowl? Is there anything that you do special?


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If you enjoyed our last blog, here is an especially wonderful post on the snow in Paris. Looks like they could use some Berkshire Blankets!

How do you enjoy snow in Paris? You go out in search of hills, of course!


And there’s probably no better place to find them than what used to be a sparse, windmill-dotted countryside outside the city limits: Montmartre.

There was a sense of event in the city this weekend as Paris got hit with the most snow it’s seen in 24 years, and not wanting to miss out on the spectacle I abandoned the promise of a cozy peaceful Sunday at home and schlepped a camera and many layers of clothing into the great white tundra. I expected the picturesque streets; what I didn’t expect was to see so many Parisians, who are normally reserved and measured, giving into pure unadulterated playfulness.







And where there’s no hill, you make do:


The area buzzed with a sense of village community and camaraderie, and the weather only strengthened the feeling of…

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Returning to Paris for Maison&Objet

Bon jour from Paris!

Today is the last day of the Maison&Objet show, and the city of lights did not disappoint. Our debut collection into the European market was received with open arms last September, and we return again to show our newest blankets and throws.


It’s all about color. This perfect Parisian sunset gives you a sneak peak on some gorgeous colors featured in our new collection.

Paris Snow

One might say that snow in the city of lights is even more beautiful than regular snow in the Northeast…Paris really is wonderful any time of year. The 25-degree temperature is inspiring when searching for the next coziest throw…

Berkshire Blanket booth at Maison


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BB spotted at the spa

spa image

This weekend my sister and I treated ourselves to a relaxing day at the spa. It was the perfect way to spend a drizzly Saturday afternoon in the winter.

As I was ushered to the table for my massage, I was pleasantly surprised to see the table covered in 2 layers of BB blankets. It made such a difference to lay on top of a soft cushiony cloud instead of the stiff massage table.

It is always rewarding to see a Berkshire Blanket throw in someone’s house when I am visiting as a guest, or being used on the beds at a ski lodge that I am staying in for a weekend, but it makes me feel really good to see our products being used at a place of business. I have always known that our blankets were perfect for comfort and relaxing. Now I’m glad to see that other people are realizing that, too!


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Family Fun Night


From Pinterest.

When I was little, my family would set aside one night a week just for us. My family’s evening was on Sunday night.

There were no interruptions, no friends over, no work, just us — mom, dad and the four children, and sometimes Nana would join us.

I want to encourage everyone to adopt a family night.  Life is what happens when we are busy making plans. So make plans once a week as a family to do something together.

Here are some ideas:

  • Play monopoly
  • Charades
  • Play card games. One of my favorite card games is Slap Jack.
  • Watch a movie together


And for a modern update, there are now family board games available on the Wii. All the games you could want are in one place.

My all-time favorite family fun memory was when my dad would get us settled in to watch our weekly TV show.  All four of us kids would snuggle up on the floor with our pillows and cozy throws.  We would get all settled in for 7pm to watch the Magical World of Disney feature.

The best part was that while all us kids were cozy and comfy watching TV, my dad was in the kitchen making milkshakes and mom was popping jiffy pop on the stove top!  Oh… the smell of popcorn brings back such great childhood memories!

Life is what you make of it. Make it memorable and take the time for yourself and loved ones!  Start a tradition today!


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Color Watch: Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow Door

Hooray for lemon yellow! This fantastically cheerful color can be found all over Florida’s coast. Yellow is becoming incredibly versatile – from a room brightening wall color – to a fabulous accent for our favorite new color, neutral grey. Bring a little citrus yellow in your home and instantly feel a little happier!


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The Blanket Monster

Our favorite dog gets cuddly with some blankets. I think he needs a Berkshire Blanket (we’re working on it!)

Marking Our Territory

If you were to visit my apartment in the winter months, it might not be apparent at first glance that I have a dog.

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pet Adventure

Just a blanket and jacket.  Wait, but what’s that rustle underneath the blanket?

Rhodesian Ridgeback, pet adventure

Who dares disturb the slumber of the great and powerful Blanket Monster!?!?

Eko’s short hair serves him well during warmer months, but it definitely leaves him more exposed when temperatures drop.  Last winter I noticed that Eko was having  trouble getting comfortable even when we were inside.  He would pace and circle around his favorite spots and flop down with an exasperated whimper.  As soon as I put a blanket over him, Eko settled down and slept like a baby.  What I didn’t realize is that I had created a Blanket Monster!

The Blanket Monster only comes out on the coldest days and Eko is happy to remind me with a whine and…

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