Super Bowl party on a budget

1, 2, 3 …. hut hut hike!

Are you a big football fan? Is your favorite team playing in the Super Bowl? Whether or not you are a big fan or if your favorite team is playing the Super Bowl, it is another great excuse to get everyone together. Now the big question is how are you going to get everything together?! There’s the decorations, food, games, etc. How are you going to do it on a budget?

Superbowl decorations

When it comes to the decorations keep it simple. A few days before game day and if you have little ones have them make paper chains out of brown construction paper to look like footballs or just the colors of your favorite team. You can find things around the house that you can quickly turn into a football theme. For instance, wash out two soup cans, wrap with brown construction paper or a paper bag and take a white marker or whiteout to create the stitching on a football. You can use these football cans to hold utensils at the buffet table.

No matter if you watch a lot of football or not – everyone loves the food that is associated with football. Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, wings, finger sandwiches, dips, chips, sodas, beer; the list goes on and on! When you are hosting ask your guests to bring their favorite dish (just make sure that people are not bringing duplicate dishes). This way everyone gets to have something delicious and you are not stuck doing all of the preparation that comes with it.

Superbowl party

For a game to keep the little ones entertained before kickoff, have the kids make a football out of paper and have an adult create the outline of a field goal out of paper on a wall. When the kids are done blindfold them, spin them around and see if anyone can get a field goal. Adults – you can play this game too! Another game you can offer is football bingo. There are two ways you can play this game. You can call out the football terms or you mark off the terms when a commentator says it (this one is my favorite). Any age can play this game which makes it easy for adults to play along with the kids. At the end of each quarter you can tally up the terms and see who heard the most terms.

…And don’t forget to get your team’s color in a blanket to keep you nice and warm!

What are your plans for Super Bowl? Is there anything that you do special?


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