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Smart packaging for your bedding


The new packaging is on the right.

Did you know? The two most important functions of packaging are…

1) Ensure the product is protected in transit from the vendor to the retail floor from damage and theft.

2) Provide product information such as special features.

Berkshire Blanket packaging is created to be both functional and visually interesting. Today in Bed Bath & Beyond you will see one of our latest packaging innovations in the throw department.  We wanted to present our soft and cozy Serasoft® Supreme in a non-traditional packaging method.  We ventured away from the traditional 12 x 12 fold and offered a 11” x 15” fold for a throw.   We used a much larger front insert with a colorful photo to drawn attention.  The smiling woman and cozy feel of the throw drew a positive emotional reactions, leading people to feel the blanket. Being able to feel how soft and cozy the fabric was revolutionized the experience of shopping for throws.


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It’s time for summer camp!

Berkshire Direction

At camp.

Girl's Bunk

The girls’ bunk.

Boy Bunk

They boys’ bunk.

Summer is here and many kids have camp fever! This past weekend I helped three campers move into their cabins. As I was helping one camper unpack, she pulled out her Shearling Berkshire Blanket. Her cousin then took out her Serasoft Berkshire Blanket. Both girls laid their blankets at the end of their bed and mentioned they needed a piece of home while they were far away from home.

After the girls were settled in their cabin, we walked over to the boy’s cabin where a brother was staying. He was already unpacked and meeting a fellow bunker when I noticed on his bed was a fleece Berkshire Blanket! He laughed when he knew I had noticed the blanket on his bed.

Even though hot weather was predicted for the next few weeks the kids were prepared for those occasional cool nights. Being away from home is hard when you’re younger and having a piece of comfort helps those times when you are feeling a little home sick. Take a look at their bunks – they turn what looks like an uncomfortable camp bed into a soft cuddly bed for a good night’s sleep! They will definitely be feeling refreshed every morning and ready for camp fun!


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Summer Outdoor Living


There is nothing more that I love than a lazy day either in the hammock, on the lounger, or by the pool!

The night air can be crisp and cool. To help keep the chill away and still be able to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, I snuggle up under a throw!I also use a cozy pillow to support my back and help my posture when sitting on the outdoor furniture.

So think outside the house – use your throws/pillows and blankets to snuggle up under and enjoy the outdoors, and dress up your outdoor furniture!


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