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How to love a Berkshire Blanket throw

Love your throw

Valentine’s Day is on the way and love is in the air! Marlene is back with tips on how to find the perfect throw that you’ll love.

Find your fabric
Is it a cozy plush, or a smoothly soft fleece that you love? Or are natural fibers your thing? There’s a fabric just right for every style and season! Plush and fleece are perfect for soft warmth, while natural fibers will vary. Cotton is beautiful, but not known for being very warm. Mohair, alpaca, and bamboo are lightweight natural fibers that are warm, breathable, and decorative–perfect for throws that need to be functional and decorative year-round.

Select your size
There’s the standard 50″ x 60″ size or the oversized 60″ x 70″ (big enough for two – but oh-so-cozy that you might not want to share).

Choose your color
Gone are the days of just a few drab colors. Light neutrals, bold hues, and everything in between is fair game. A fun way to refresh your decor is to seasonally change out your throws. Here’s an easy guide: light colors perfectly reflect the renewal tone of spring, bright colors in the summer (because everything in the summer is bright!), warm and dark colors for the fall (think harvest), and bold colors to invigorate the drab winter (red, green, gold, and royal blue are great picks).

Treat yourself to daily comfort
Snuggle as often as you can. When you are not using the throw, drape it nicely over the edge of the chair of couch. Voila! You’ve gone from comfort to chic, just like that!

Know the proper care and feeding of your throw
Always follow the care label instructions. For most throws this will be: wash separately in cold water on the delicate cycle and air dry or dry in the dryer on an air only cycle (no heat). Special detergents aren’t needed, but please, no bleach (the throws don’t like it).

Enjoy your throw for years to come!

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