About Berkshire Blanket

Berkshire Blanket is the largest designer and importer of consumer blankets in the United States. We offer a wide array of fashion blankets, throws, pillows, and giftables online and at major nationwide retailers. From a historic textile mill in a little Massachusetts town, designers are on the cutting edge of trends, constantly innovating classic materials into the best technologies for warmth and breathability.

We develop practical, easy-care blankets such as our Microfleece sheets and throws, but we also feature fashion décor with faux furs of superior warmth and style. Decorative toss pillows offer a pop of color and texture for any sofa or bed. Natural fibers such as cotton, cashmere, bamboo, alpaca wool, Polartec® fleece, and microfiber mink are earth friendly and refreshing for the home.

Berkshire Blanket also offers Cuddly Buddies® – wearable hooded animal blankets that kids adore! Parents, grandparents, and friends love to give them as gifts to the ‘littles’ in their lives because they are adorable, cozy, and are the perfect friend to accompany kids to preschool or daycare as naptime blanket buddies. The matching round pillows are fun to toss around and lounge on. Featured in over ten friendly animal characters, kids can collect them all. Shop Cuddly Buddies >

We look forward to keeping the world warm. Visit us online at BerkshireBlanket.com.

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