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Color Watch: Tranquil Blue

Blue flowers

As summer comes into full swing, it’s hard not to fall in love with shades blue…bright skies and deep oceans are constant reminders of how this wonderful color can inspire tranquility and calm. This wonderful tray of blue swatches summarizes the endless options…add the color to cream for classic cheer up or be daring and mix with it tangerine and porcini.


Blue fabric swatches

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Non-committal color for the color-phobe

Pop of color fleece bkt

Spring is right around the corner! It is the perfect time to do the spring cleaning and update your home’s interior. But what if you aren’t ready to commit to a new style?

I have been thinking about repainting the walls in my house, but I am a” color-phobic.” I have lived in my house for over 20 years, and to this day, the walls are still white. I want to update the look of the parlor and the spare bedroom without going into debt. I found the perfect solution that will not break the bank or cause me to wake up and cry every day with regret.

For the parlor I selected a BRIGHT colored throw blanket to add a splash of visual interest and warmth to the room. The throw is lightweight and can be draped over the edge of the chair or couch, which gives it an updated  look. For the spare bedroom I folded another throw across the middle of the bed to pump the style up and color the room. It’s a win-win; I get an updated look without having to be married to the wall color. I can mix up the throws and change them anytime.

A few more suggestions to update a room:

-Move the furniture around to give it a new look.
-Switch out some of your lamp shades for a new color.
-Change out your old Berkshire soft throw with a new color or even a new fabrication. It’s a great time to take the old Serasoft® throw and replace it with a lighter weight fleece.


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Plant me, I’m ready.

Green things

Color watch: green.

To me green is…

The melting of the snow and a sprig of spring shooting up from the ground.

Driving in the country and pulling over to pet two cheerful donkeys.

The sanctuary of a Green Zen garden.

Wearing a beautiful deep sea sheer, ethereal blouse.

Deep green lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice alongside sesame balls.

…For now a sesame colored chair and deep green throw reminds me of all those things, so I can bring nature inside.

Will you be inspired by green?


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Color Watch: Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow Door

Hooray for lemon yellow! This fantastically cheerful color can be found all over Florida’s coast. Yellow is becoming incredibly versatile – from a room brightening wall color – to a fabulous accent for our favorite new color, neutral grey. Bring a little citrus yellow in your home and instantly feel a little happier!


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