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Behind the Scenes at the Forever Safe photoshoot

Here is a behind the scenes look at the photoshoot we held for Forever Safe(TM), our new baby blanket and clothing line with stripes of pure silver to keep fabrics fresh and clean. With all these babies around, it was like an overdose on cuteness!


Who knew this set would be so comfy?


Shout out to the amazing photographers at Coppola Studios, who made all the magic happen!


“Momma, I love this bedding!” Definitely what he was saying.

You can shop for Forever Safe on our website. It’s the first of its kind in American baby wear that actually keeps fabric safer for the little ones who need it most. As the industry leader, we gave you this technology first. Forever Safe products are woven with revolutionary X-STATIC® 99.9% pure silver that protects fabric from bacteria, odor, and allergens such as mold and mildew.

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Inside Look at Forever Safe – NEW! for baby


From the designer…

We just started a new line called Forever Safe(TM) for toddler and babies. Having two kids of my own, I was excited to be chosen as the designer who got to work on these great new products. Forever Safe products are created with a fabric that has natural silver stripes with antimicrobial properties. The X-STATIC® 99.9% pure silver knitted into the fabric protects it from bacteria, odor, and allergens such as mold and mildew. This is a cutting-edge product that has the same look and feel of traditional textiles while offering the benefits of silver. One huge benefit is that silver helps keep body temperature steady and will keep your baby warm. Being a mom from Massachusetts, I know this would be a great help with our cold New England nights. But no matter where you live, you can keep your baby snuggled up in a wearable blanket with a matching baby blanket, while he’s sleeping on a crib sheet. When I know that my baby is warm, I sleep better at night myself.

One of the hardest jobs as a parent is keeping your kids healthy. Having two children in preschool, it seems like someone is always getting sick…whether it be a cold or the newest bug being spread around. The Forever Safe fabric has an inadequate living area for bacteria and will help protect the garment or blanket. How I would love to keep them bundled up in this all the time!

My favorite thing on the weekend is getting up with the kids and sipping my coffee while they have some milk and watch their favorite cartoons while wrapped in their blankets. My son always brings his teddy bear, and my daughter has her duck. We all squeeze together on the couch. We get cozy and watch some cartoons or a movie. Now they can stay warm, and healthier, too. And at night they can get cozy with their toddler blanket and read their favorite books.

Out of all the products, my favorite is the Soft Bear and Blankie Gift Set. It contains a perfect bear to start out your little one’s collection of stuffed animals, and the blankie can strap right to the stroller to prevent this from falling and getting dirty. My husband and I spend more time looking for the kids special blankets than anything else in the day…seriously!

Forever Safe products will give any new mom or dad peace of mind.

What do you think of it? Share your opinion and let me know if you have any questions I can answer.


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