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Inside Shopper Kim’s Style

Kim intro

Kim is in our insider shopping group, the Comfort Connoisseurs.  She has been a fan of Berkshire Blanket for at least a decade. The company name is what first inspired her to buy her first blanket because she is from the area known as The Berkshires in Massachusetts. When she felt how soft the bedding was, she knew it was her style. We did an interview with her to learn more.

How would you describe your personal home decorating style? Eclectic, with a good feel for French country and contemporary Scandinavian. Each room, though blending with the others, carries its own flavor. I like to blur the decor lines and mix contemporary with African style, or French country with a far eastern touch in the accents. That’s another reason that I love the Berkshire Blanket lines, as they blend so seamlessly with any style or decor that I go with.

What are your hobbies? Vegan cooking and baking, sewing, gardening (vegetable and perennial), and any kind of art or crafts, and reading (I have a gazillion books that I also blend effortlessly into my décor!) My favorite activities are things like hiking and kayaking, anything outdoors. I have a blog and Facebook page called ‘berkshiregirl’ that are devoted to bringing people the best of everything to be found in the Berkshires.

What’s your favorite color? My favorite color if I had to pick just one would be eggplant, but, my ultimate favorite color is the combination of magenta and dark blue.

If you had to choose one color to paint a wall would you choose bubblegum pink or neon green? Neon green. I think more could be done aesthetically with it. (But, don’t tell my little girl that, she would make me choose the bubblegum pink if she saw this!)

What is your favorite fashion trend this season? My favorite fashion trends this season are the inclination to go with individuality and not mainstream. I like that I am seeing a lot of great colors like tangerine and new blues that I haven’t seen before. I like the trend of scaling down what you have, but making what you have be really great and really you; something that you want to live in or wear.

In one word, you think ruffles are: Silly

What is your favorite Berkshire Blanket product? The Extra-Fluffy Throw Blanket, because it is so unbelievably soft and comfortable. I love how I sink into it when I wrap it around me. It’s also just the right size for casual hanging out, but big enough for serious covering up comfort when I need it. I am most thankful for the all season sheets, as they have seen me through years of freezing New England winters and clammy Berkshire summers, all the while keeping me perfectly comforted.

What is your favorite Berkshire Blanket fabric? Serasoft. I consider it irresistible. It is like touching luxury…if you could touch luxury.  My family knows that if we are in a department store and there are Berkshire Blanket products, that I will be making a stop off at the bedding department. Which really is silly, because we have several Serasoft blankets at home….

How does Berkshire Blanket comfort fit into your everyday life? My family is all about being comfortable, from the things we wear to the products in our home. Life can be difficult, and we all face hard things throughout our days. Being comfortable during all of it makes life livable. Softens the hardness, and gives our souls a hug. Berkshire Blanket fits into our comfortable lifestyle by letting us come home to a place that we know we can get cozy and let our guards down.

What’s your favorite spot in your home to relax? My favorite spot in my current home is my living room, which is really a combined area that includes the kitchen and dining area. We have a giant couch that we love to curl up on, under an Extra-Fluffy throw, and read our books individually, but cuddled next to each other. My two little ones have their own throws, but still curl up under mine.

Do you have any personal laundry tips or secrets to keeping your blankets nice? I store my bedding folded in the closets that have good ventilation. My blankets rarely get stored as they are all (and we have 10 of them!) constantly in use or being laundered. I wash in cold water to retain color and fluffiness, and line dry all of the products, to add to their longevity and keep the fluffiness factor high. I have a high efficiency washer that I use on gentle and only use earth friendly washing products. I think this keeps them in near new condition, even though many are several years old.

A true BB story: One of my favorite Christmas’ was when I decided to get everyone Berkshire Blanket products. It was in my early days of admiration for Berkshire Blanket, and I knew that everyone that I loved HAD to have one, so they could enjoy what I was experiencing. It was fun to watch each person open them, and once everyone figured out that that was my gift for everyone that year, they were excited to see which one they had gotten from me.

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Warmth that’s right for the season

As we get ready for spring, many people do their spring cleaning.   One part of that ritual includes changing out their bed linens. I have found there are three categories for my bed linens, which makes it easy to distinguish which items to use during specific months.  Maybe you will find this helpful, too!

Catalog Photography, Fashion  Photography, Sportswear Photography

Lightweight warmth: These include my lightweight fleece, cottons and bamboo blankets.  I use these the most during the summer months here in New England.  These are the perfect layering piece.  Add a super soft cotton sheet and you have the perfect recipe for restful slumber!

Catalog Photography, Fashion  Photography, Sportswear Photography

All season warmth: These include my fleece blankets and my plush blankets.  I use these during spring and fall as a great layering piece between my sheet and thin coverlet.  The layers provide a great cozy warm bed for my tired old bones and  if I get too warm I can peel back a layer.

Catalog Photography, Fashion  Photography, Sportswear Photography

Heavyweight warmth: these include my heavy weight fleece, down alternative and down filled comforters, and filled blankets.  These are used during the colder months as my top of bed bedding.  I love to have a plush and super soft bed to dive into during the winter months.

One more amazing feature these blankets offer is the fact that the fleece blankets now come in beautiful prints or deep rich colors, and the cotton and bamboo blankets are now available in a wide array of weaves. This makes the blanket not only functional, but a decorative top of bed piece.

I love any reason to freshen up the look of my bedroom!


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Behind the Scenes at the Forever Safe photoshoot

Here is a behind the scenes look at the photoshoot we held for Forever Safe(TM), our new baby blanket and clothing line with stripes of pure silver to keep fabrics fresh and clean. With all these babies around, it was like an overdose on cuteness!


Who knew this set would be so comfy?


Shout out to the amazing photographers at Coppola Studios, who made all the magic happen!


“Momma, I love this bedding!” Definitely what he was saying.

You can shop for Forever Safe on our website. It’s the first of its kind in American baby wear that actually keeps fabric safer for the little ones who need it most. As the industry leader, we gave you this technology first. Forever Safe products are woven with revolutionary X-STATIC® 99.9% pure silver that protects fabric from bacteria, odor, and allergens such as mold and mildew.

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Pet shelters love blanket donations

Berk our beta fish stays warm with a fuzzy bowl cover!

Berk our beta fish stays warm with a fuzzy bowl cover!

Cleaning out old sheets and blankets you no longer want to use?

Donate them to your local animal shelter!

Most shelters will accept old blankets, bath towels, sheets and and t-shirts. Shelters use these for lining pet cages, cleaning up messes, drying off wet animals, providing warm bedding, and covering kennel doors when pets need a rest from the light. Most shelters are under-served so any extra help is greatly appreciated.

Berkshire Blanket regularly donates to local shelters and organizations, including APAW, American Poodles at Work.

Help keep our fuzzy friends warm while they are waiting to be adopted!

Meeko loves his cupcake throw!

Meeko loves his cupcake throw!

Bodhi as a puppy with his favorite green Fluffy throw!

Bodhi as a puppy with his favorite green Fluffy throw!

Those pictures were a few of our favorite animal friends that love Berkshire!


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Creative Ways to Store Your Blankets

How to store blankets collage

All ideas from Pinterest.

“I’m running out of room!”

I have found out pretty quickly here that you can never have too many blankets! I have already accumulated a few favorites and I am sure I’m not done. Where am I keeping them all you ask? I have a few hiding spots; my bedroom, my car and even have one for my desk. I’m running out of space!!! As the colder weather is approaching (and for some of us Mother Nature has already shown us a preview of what we might be in for this winter), many people are pulling out their heavier sheets and their warm blankets to get cozy with. I have been catching myself relaxing with a few blankets at once.

Nowadays there are many storage options for those who need something quick to pick up at a store or a DIY weekend project. I’ve looked online and found some neat ideas…some I didn’t even think of!!! Some are great and work as a piece of art. Others are like hidden passages to comfy! There are too many options to decide what I want to do. I love them all, but there is only so little room I have!

Where are you pulling your stored blankets from? Is it in a trunk that is at the end of your bed, in the coffee table, the window bench?  Or is it displayed on the back of the couch for easy access?

Take a look at some ideas I came upon! I would love to hear what thoughts you have!


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Blankets Keep Guests Warm at Meghan’s Fall Wedding


wedding photo

Having been born and raised in New England, I knew I wanted to get married in the Fall. All of the beautiful colors, smells, food, and activities make this my favorite season by far. I knew it would also be a great setting for wedding photos. Now the only question was whether to do an outdoor ceremony and enjoy the scenery but risk the weather, or play it safe inside. I decided to take a chance and have the ceremony outdoors and the reception in cozy renovated barn.

blankets for guests


After we decided to move forward with the outdoor ceremony I knew I had to prepare and stock up on cozy throws that went with my rustic elegance theme and color pallet. The day came and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny October day, but boy was it chilly! We put out a basket of the throws for the guests to chose from on their way to their seats, and at just above 50 degrees every single throw was put to use!

guests at the ceremony with blanket

The throws allowed me to have the best of both worlds. I could have my dream outdoor celebration and still keep my guests warm and comfortable. The hot cider we served during the ceremony didn’t hurt either!

Please vote for my entry in the Photo of the Month Contest October 2012, on the Steve Holmes Photography Facebook page! Click here to see it:


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Cats love blankets, too

Cats cuddling on blanket

How adorable are these kitties? Meow!

Since the day I picked up my two new kittens, they have been big fans of Berkshire Blanket fabric. I picked them up when they were 8 weeks old and we had a one-hour drive back home ahead of us. I knew I had to make their ride comfortable — and I had just the solution! Our in-house seamstress sewed two matching cozy Shearling blankets for them. I knew these were a hit when the kitties slept for the entire trip!

At home they have new favorites like the Shimmersoft throw in the photo above…I have a feeling that they are going to be hooked on fuzzy blankets for life.

Do your pets love their blankets? Share your photos!


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A blanket for mom’s “me time”

I recently went to Cape Cod for my yearly family vacation. We look forward this trip every year; it’s very relaxing for all of us. I could not believe how quickly the week went by. I am a complete beach person. My favorite place to be is on the beach where I can feel the ocean breeze on my face.  My dream would be to have a small cottage somewhere on the waterfront. I don’t know what it is about the ocean… I just find it very relaxing. The sound of the waves is so comforting.

I love to find a nice place on the beach to curl up with my VelvetLoft plush blanket and my book at sunset. My VelvetLoft blanket is one of the softest blankets I have. It’s smooth like butter, and it completes the whole experience.  No one else can use this blanket! It is one of those small things that I like to keep for myself as a mom.  Once you have kids there really isn’t anything that’s just yours anymore. We moms can still try. The kids try to steal it all the time, so the solution was to get them their own.  Now we all have one to enjoy, and boy, do we enjoy them!


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Now trending: the picnic wedding

Couple on blanket

Photo from Wedding Photography Design

We’ve noticed a fun new trend in wedding décor – the picnic wedding! Countryside weddings are more popular than ever, and for those brides who want to be especially close to the beauty of nature, they are opting to lay out blankets for their guests to sit on for the ceremony. The day transitions from ceremony to reception by the simple, well-timed uncorking of a wine bottle and opening of the picnic basket.

Plaid blankets are the country couture.  They’ve been draped over haystacks, cuddled by couples in engagement photos, and worn by chilly bridesmaids in rain boots. They are truly classics and photograph well. If plaid’s not your thing, creamy neutrals and handmade quilts are also delicate choices.

That’s not all. To make a picnic wedding complete, you need a lush pillow for each guest to sit or lounge on (matching of course)! These are fantastic because they can be monogrammed and given as wedding favors. The blanket itself can even be raffled off to a lucky guest at the “table” just as you would do for a centerpiece.

To create the majestic atmosphere you’re looking for, you can add small touches that go a long way. Imagine as your guests walk in, colorful fabric bunting is draped to say “welcome.” There is a Mr. & Mrs. chalkboard sign propped up against a haystack. Flowers in old watering cans pop up around the field. As you look up, your breath is taken away by lanterns and old family photos hanging from the trees. You feel transported into another time and place as you admire the antique chairs and luggage that serve as accent pieces. With a ballroom, you know what you’re getting, but with a picnic wedding, the experience can be just as fantastical as you dream up.

Southern Wedding

From Ashley Daniell on Every Last Detail blog

Engagement photos are the most memorable when they reflect the theme of your wedding. Photos of you and your beau laying side by side on a blanket in the grass or cuddling by the ocean with a blanket wrapped around you are so romantic. They suggest an intimacy that other engagement photos just don’t have. wrote this about their featured Glam Picnic wedding: “What’s not to love about picnics? The heirloom quilts, the classic gingham, the home-made treats, the wine {which is always in abundance at my kind of picnics (o; }, the cloud-watching … it’s all so idyllic. Even the standard picnic basket emits a huge amount of cheer. So why not translate those happy feelings into a wedding? We’ve seen the theme carried out in e-shoots time and time again and it works like a charm each time … I’m loving the idea of little quilts spread about a lawn standing in for tables and loads and loads of cozy pillows standing in for the chairs … maybe a spontaneous game of croquet could come about after the cake cutting?”

…quite lovely. You know where to find the highest quality and comfortable blankets for your wedding needs. Start with our Plaid or Houndstooth Luxury Throws and pepper your big day with Serasoft throws or blankets in your wedding theme colors! Your guests will forever recall your romantic moment.

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Summer camping: s’mores, blankets, and love

Camping in the woods.
Oh, summertime! This is my favorite time of year. I love it when everything starts getting green and you can hear the peepers at night. It’s nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Going camping is our favorite thing to do as a family in the summer. This means it’s time to become one with nature without computers or TV, which is unheard of for our younger generation.  It’s all about good old family time.

My two boys, 11- and 12-years old, love to pack up all their gear and hit the road. Of course we always bring more than we need – you’d think we were moving there! One thing that we do not compromise on is our Berkshire Blanket Microfleece Sheets and our fuzzy bunny blankets. We would not camp without them because they are perfect for those cool nights. After we have eaten our s’mores and our fire is dim, we crawl into our soft, comforting sheets and cover up with our fuzzy bunny blankets. They are as soft as a bunny, hence our nickname for them! My boys describe them as a sea of softness that you never want to get out of. They have just the right amount of warmth to keep you warm and they do not make you sweat.

Our friends used to make fun of us for the sheets and blankets we brought, as they did not see them as “rugged camping bedding.”  That was until the day their daughter crawled into our tent and would not get out of the bed. She rolled herself up in the blanket and said, “Mommy, it’s so soft; I want to stay here forever!”

Since that day, all of our camping companions, young and old, camp with their Microfleece Sheets and the Berkshire Blanket of their choosing. We all love the blankets so much we don’t want to keep them to ourselves. We want the whole world to have the same wonderful experience when they go to bed at night wherever they may be.

                            -Holly, aka fuzzy bunny lover

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