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Color Watch: Tranquil Blue

Blue flowers

As summer comes into full swing, it’s hard not to fall in love with shades blue…bright skies and deep oceans are constant reminders of how this wonderful color can inspire tranquility and calm. This wonderful tray of blue swatches summarizes the endless options…add the color to cream for classic cheer up or be daring and mix with it tangerine and porcini.


Blue fabric swatches

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Plant me, I’m ready.

Green things

Color watch: green.

To me green is…

The melting of the snow and a sprig of spring shooting up from the ground.

Driving in the country and pulling over to pet two cheerful donkeys.

The sanctuary of a Green Zen garden.

Wearing a beautiful deep sea sheer, ethereal blouse.

Deep green lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice alongside sesame balls.

…For now a sesame colored chair and deep green throw reminds me of all those things, so I can bring nature inside.

Will you be inspired by green?


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What to do with your Christmas tree the rest of the year?

Year round Christmas tree ideas

I love the sight of my Christmas tree.The New Year is rung in with warm toasty wishes and the sparkly lights and decorations still up. But sadly, a few the days later the Christmas trees and their cheerful decorations are boxed up not to be seen again for another 340 days! This year I am going to use one of my trees all year to keep the festivities alive. 

February I can adorn my tree with red hearts.

March rolls in and the green shamrocks will be shown.

April will display yellow candy peeps.

May & June I will have a flower garden.

July I will show my patriotic pride.

August & September sunflowers will steal the show.

October will be a tree filled with black cats and bat.

November pumpkins are the perfect fall touch.

Will you try out the year-round holiday bush? Can you think of other themes? I want to hear them!


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A White Christmas…Tree

Photo by blogger: the functional space

Photo by blogger: the functional space

Everyone has traditions when it comes to big holidays. Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, you will always find people who stick with the traditional or are really creative. Every home you drive by is unique and expresses the distinct taste of the family who lives there.

Jenna's tree.

My Christmas Tree!

For those who celebrate Christmas, the big excitement is picking out the perfect tree and decorating it. Some homes bring in a fresh cut tree that fills the whole house with the aroma of evergreen. Others put up an artificial tree which is always in perfect form. I grew up  fighting with my sisters over which tree we were going to bring home from the lot. We always thought the one tree we picked out would be the winner. When the tree was securely in the tree holder, the pine branches had fallen into place. and the string of lights were on, it was time to decorate!  We’ve had color lights with homemade ornaments mixed in with ornaments purchased from family vacations. We’ve also had white lights, family ornaments and Poinsettia’s scattered all over the tree. For the past two years we have switched over to a white artificial tree. At first I was a little bit weary but once it is decorated and the lights are turned on you forget the color of the tree and instantaneously get the feeling that the season of Christmas has come.

Get a small tree for your desk, like my co-worker, Jen!

Get a small tree for your desk, like my co-worker, Jen!

The white Christmas tree has come into fashion over the past few years. Many say that it is like a white canvas and you can decorate it any which way. Each year it can have a new theme and you can spread the theme throughout the entire house (…or even the yard)!  White lights make the tree brighter and sticks out to gawkers outside your home. You can make it as traditional as you wish or spice it up a little. Try colored lights and you have oodles of options!

The decoration of our Christmas tree has evolved over the years, but the feeling of Christmas hasn’t changed. Check out my photo!  How do you dress up your tree?


Themed Tree: turn it into a character!

Themed Tree: turn it into a character!

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A Day at the Pumpkin Farm

Lace pumpkin

Printed lace pumpkin. Found on Pinterest.

The smell of fall was in the air this past weekend, and the pumpkin farm was calling my name! I jumped in the car and went on my usual fall hunt for the most unusual and quirky pumpkins I could find to decorate my new apartment.  In the past, once I have claimed my pumpkins, my excitement has overwhelmed me and I immediately started carving them. They never end up lasting until Halloween.

After spending much too long hunting for my pumpkins in all shapes, sizes, and yes …colors, I decided to research new and exciting ways to decorate my pumpkins. Take a look at the following photos I gathered as inspiration to decorate my pumpkins in a non-traditional way! Stay tuned for photos of the techniques I choose to decorate my own pumpkins.  Do you have any special technique/creative ways to decorate pumpkins that you could share?


Pumpkins with plastic vampire teeth!

Pumpkins with plastic vampire teeth! From Pinterest.

Candy Corn painted pumpkins

Candy Corn painted pumpkins, how cute! From Pinterest.

Lace covered Pumpkin.

Lace covered Pumpkin for a very gothic feel. From Pinterest.


Silhouette Painted pumpkin

Silhouette Painted pumpkin with added tassel trim. This one is my favorite! From Pinterest.


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