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Inside Shopper Kim’s Style

Kim intro

Kim is in our insider shopping group, the Comfort Connoisseurs.  She has been a fan of Berkshire Blanket for at least a decade. The company name is what first inspired her to buy her first blanket because she is from the area known as The Berkshires in Massachusetts. When she felt how soft the bedding was, she knew it was her style. We did an interview with her to learn more.

How would you describe your personal home decorating style? Eclectic, with a good feel for French country and contemporary Scandinavian. Each room, though blending with the others, carries its own flavor. I like to blur the decor lines and mix contemporary with African style, or French country with a far eastern touch in the accents. That’s another reason that I love the Berkshire Blanket lines, as they blend so seamlessly with any style or decor that I go with.

What are your hobbies? Vegan cooking and baking, sewing, gardening (vegetable and perennial), and any kind of art or crafts, and reading (I have a gazillion books that I also blend effortlessly into my décor!) My favorite activities are things like hiking and kayaking, anything outdoors. I have a blog and Facebook page called ‘berkshiregirl’ that are devoted to bringing people the best of everything to be found in the Berkshires.

What’s your favorite color? My favorite color if I had to pick just one would be eggplant, but, my ultimate favorite color is the combination of magenta and dark blue.

If you had to choose one color to paint a wall would you choose bubblegum pink or neon green? Neon green. I think more could be done aesthetically with it. (But, don’t tell my little girl that, she would make me choose the bubblegum pink if she saw this!)

What is your favorite fashion trend this season? My favorite fashion trends this season are the inclination to go with individuality and not mainstream. I like that I am seeing a lot of great colors like tangerine and new blues that I haven’t seen before. I like the trend of scaling down what you have, but making what you have be really great and really you; something that you want to live in or wear.

In one word, you think ruffles are: Silly

What is your favorite Berkshire Blanket product? The Extra-Fluffy Throw Blanket, because it is so unbelievably soft and comfortable. I love how I sink into it when I wrap it around me. It’s also just the right size for casual hanging out, but big enough for serious covering up comfort when I need it. I am most thankful for the all season sheets, as they have seen me through years of freezing New England winters and clammy Berkshire summers, all the while keeping me perfectly comforted.

What is your favorite Berkshire Blanket fabric? Serasoft. I consider it irresistible. It is like touching luxury…if you could touch luxury.  My family knows that if we are in a department store and there are Berkshire Blanket products, that I will be making a stop off at the bedding department. Which really is silly, because we have several Serasoft blankets at home….

How does Berkshire Blanket comfort fit into your everyday life? My family is all about being comfortable, from the things we wear to the products in our home. Life can be difficult, and we all face hard things throughout our days. Being comfortable during all of it makes life livable. Softens the hardness, and gives our souls a hug. Berkshire Blanket fits into our comfortable lifestyle by letting us come home to a place that we know we can get cozy and let our guards down.

What’s your favorite spot in your home to relax? My favorite spot in my current home is my living room, which is really a combined area that includes the kitchen and dining area. We have a giant couch that we love to curl up on, under an Extra-Fluffy throw, and read our books individually, but cuddled next to each other. My two little ones have their own throws, but still curl up under mine.

Do you have any personal laundry tips or secrets to keeping your blankets nice? I store my bedding folded in the closets that have good ventilation. My blankets rarely get stored as they are all (and we have 10 of them!) constantly in use or being laundered. I wash in cold water to retain color and fluffiness, and line dry all of the products, to add to their longevity and keep the fluffiness factor high. I have a high efficiency washer that I use on gentle and only use earth friendly washing products. I think this keeps them in near new condition, even though many are several years old.

A true BB story: One of my favorite Christmas’ was when I decided to get everyone Berkshire Blanket products. It was in my early days of admiration for Berkshire Blanket, and I knew that everyone that I loved HAD to have one, so they could enjoy what I was experiencing. It was fun to watch each person open them, and once everyone figured out that that was my gift for everyone that year, they were excited to see which one they had gotten from me.

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Floor cushions are a new way to entertain


photo from Pinterest

Floor cushions aren’t just for your dog and Japanese restaurants anymore! One of the latest crazes in home décor offers a new way to entertain, a comfortable way to watch a movie, and a colorful way to decorate. I’ve spotted floor cushions everywhere from textile shows in Paris, showrooms and shop windows in New York, ski lodges in Maine, to Baby boutiques in Boston. My favorite purchases are items that offer fun, function, comfort and fashion all in one… and these cushions definitely fit the bill.


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Using an Inspiration Piece to Choose Paint

Paint chips with inspiration object

This blanket is my inspiration object for my new painting project.

Deciding on what color to paint a wall can be a real commitment and daunting task. Yet, painting can be a great way to refresh a room. I like to start with a favorite object, fabric, or inspiration piece that I plan to have in the room.  It’s much easier to find paint that coordinates with your inspiration piece than hunt down one that “might” work with the walls. Although, we all get lucky sometimes. I’ve had this beautiful embroidered Serenelle throw with Smokey Aqua florals…and I’ve been in an oceanic grey blue mood, so I think I’ve got it narrowed down to the right color for my next project.


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Trash Turned Treasure

It’s often been said, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This statement could not be more true. There is nothing more exhilarating than finding a piece of furniture on the side of the road or at your local Salvation Army! It’s the hunt and the unknown behind someone else’s trash that makes it my treasure.

It was a challenge a year ago when I moved into my apartment on a shoe-string budget with no furniture. How was I going to afford the trendy nightstands that you see in magazines? Oh and that cute accent chair with the perfect throw draped over it? That’s when I started scavenging local flea markets, tag sales, and thrift shops to find the perfect pieces that were budget friendly.


Repainted nightstand

Above is a solid wood table that I found at thrift store for $2.00. Check out this before and after…With a little TLC, this table went from drab to fab, making the perfect night stand!

Nightstand bedroom

Pictured above is the nightstand in my bedroom (thrift shop)-$2, Mason jar with plant, antique enamel lamp (local antique shop)-$16, old gold frames painted black with old family photos of my grandparents, and my snuggly Berkshire Blanket comforter.

German enamel dish

A little enamel painted dish my mother gave me years ago that was made in Germany.

Refinished second nightstand

Nightstand refinished to match the other side table by my bed (thrift shop) $2, Basket, glass vase with plant cutting, gold pineapple lamp, wooden framed mirror (tag sale) $2.

Vintage find chair

Above is by far my most favorite find and true bargain! A Danish chair with official marking – (local flea market) $12, Houndstooth throw $10 (Berkshire Blanket Outlet Store), Antique wooden bucket with magazines (my grandmothers), Pillow-brand new with tags (thrift store) $3.

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