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The only time napping on the job is OK

Behind the scenes at Berkshire Blanket photoshoot

We’re here to give you the inside scoop on our latest photoshoot. It’s a gorgeous New England summer day at our founder’s home in Massachusetts. The models are in their pajamas … this is the one time napping on the job is encouraged! They did a fantastic job showcasing our main feature, this bedding set and knit throw pillow that we shot outdoors in the luscious backyard.

Hair and Makeup

Our model gets a quick hair and makeup fix. I wonder what she’s gazing at…must be the beautiful lake. Erm, yes, that’s it.

Models getting ready for bed.

  This is when the magic happens.

Reviewing the photos.

Our photographers review the shots to make sure all of the bedding looks scrumptious.


Whew, that was hard work. Our photo assistant takes a break in the hammock. 

Swan in the lake.

A gorgeous swan swims by. Where is a Romantic poet when you need one?

…and that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. Did you spy the chunky knitted throw pillow? We’re obsessed with it, and it’s making its debut this fall!

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