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Dogs love blankets, too

There is a new man in my life. His name is Bodhi and he is sweet, loyal, and never judgmental. My favorite thing about him is his kisses. They are wet and super sloppy. That’s right…he’s a puppy! My best friend just adopted this little guy and he melts my heart! Of course the first thing I had to do was get him his own Berkshire Blanket throw. I got the biggest, fluffiest one I could find, the Oversized Extra-Fluffy Throw Blanket. There is nothing more adorable in the world than his little sleeping face…except for his angelic face snuggled into this blanket!

Because he’s only 7 weeks old, I think he misses his mom, Lilly, sometimes. He has a fantastic human mom, but I wonder if he thinks about Lilly, too.  I like to believe that cuddling with his Fluffy reminds him of the warmth of sleeping under his mom’s belly. He sleeps a lot because he is still growing (just look at the size of his paws – he is going to be a big dog!) and the throw is the perfect cocoon for a nap.

It’s a plus that the Fluffy is so versatile – we use it as a dog blanket for the couch to protect the furniture (because you know they sit there anyway), inside his dog bed, or on the seat of the car, wherever. It’s a great way to “mark” where he is allowed to sleep. And it’s long-lasting, easily washable and dryer-friendly. Pet lovers, a blanket should definitely be on the top of the list for puppy accessories for your four-legged friend.

Here are some pictures of Bodhi napping. Try not to overdose on the cuteness!

Bodhi curled up on his blanketBpdhi is snuggled in with his Berkshire BlanketFluffies are so fun to nap onBodhi is waking up from his nap!

Bodhi says “Woof I love Berkshire Blanket!”


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