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Creative reuse for packaging

Recycle001The holiday shopping season is in full swing and our packaging maven, Marlene, has weighed in with her crafty ideas on how you can reuse packaging.

Many items come in a box, bag or with some type of packaging.  Instead of throwing this packaging away or recycling it, please take a moment and think where you might be able to reuse some of it. While recycling is always a good option when it’s available, the process still takes considerable energy. A more environmentally friendly solution is to turn that “trash” into something useful!

Shipping boxes can be reused making wrapping irregularly shaped items easier.  Give kids an empty box and let them decorate it to make a unique gift “basket” to fill with holiday goodies and gifts. Or let their imaginations run wild and see what kinds of cool things they come up with! Cars, rocket ships, or a video arcade…the possibilities are endless!

Take papers you were going to recycle and use them to wrap packages. Or shred colored paper to use as gift bag and basket filler.  Colorful magazine pictures can be cut out and made into holiday decorations.

The ribbons wrapped around many of the throws and blankets that we sell could be reused for wrapping another gift or using as ribbon to hang holiday decorations.

Plastic bags can enjoy a second life as small waste bin liners, making clean up easy after holiday guests depart.

– Marlene

There are many creative ways to reuse packaging.  What crafty ideas can you come up with? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to reuse your bedding bags


Photo from Real Simple Magazine.

When I go shopping for bedding items, I am always amazed at the vast amount of products that are available. There are sheets, comforters, quilts, and pillows of every size and shape. Most of these items (excluding pillows) come in these beautifully packaged plastic bags.

My first goal in shopping is of course to get the item that represents quality and is sold at a fair price. After I have carefully selected my item walk to the checkout line with a spring in my step, I think: how can I reuse this bag?

I am a conscientious consumer that does try to do something “green” to help the environment. By reusing this bag, I am helping reduce waste and make my house more organized. I love dual purpose items – don’t you?

The bag will either house my child’s crafting items from pencils, markers, construction paper, glitter, glue, etc. Or it will be used to keep her winter shoes in since now it’s time to break out the sandals and flip flops. Or even better…it can hold all my precious 1980’s vinyl records!

The packaging bag has a variety of potential uses for me and my family. Remember to reuse and recycle.


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